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About Us


Chiang Mai


Puhada was started as a way for Thai women to earn a much-needed income for their families in Chiang Mai, many of whom are single mothers who face difficulties in making ends meet.

In particular, they struggle to find work that pay a decent wage, while at the same time allowing them to take care of their children and household needs. In fact, many of them fall well below the minimum wage set by the Thai government - a paltry 320 baht (roughly SGD 14) per day.


Puhada ladies at work


Having learned to sew at a young age, many of these women are already skilled in the art of embroidery and stitching, and were delighted to be able to put their talents to good use at Puhada.

With these craftswomen, Puhada has since lovingly crafted and shipped numerous unique and quality lifestyle products, such as bags and pouches, to individuals, schools and organisations.

Today, every order that you make will go towards empowering women from all over Chiang Mai to have the ability to financially support their families and communities.

We're able to customise bulk orders as well. Send us your requirements here :)



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